Trending Corset Wedding Dress Designs of 2022 + FAQs (2023)

By Wedding Dresses July 27, 2022

A longstanding element of fashion, corsets are seeing a total resurgence—especially in bridal fashion. The corset wedding dress has been trending for several seasons and we don’t see it declining any time soon! Equal parts sexy and romantic, corset wedding dresses are essential for structure and support, but also make a couture fashion statement when paired with sheer detailing and exposed boning. From luxe lace to vintage inspiration, we’re sharing with you the trending corset wedding dress designs for 2022.

A-line Corset Wedding Dress

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The most popular bridal silhouette, it’s no surprise that having a corset bodice on an A-line silhouette makes for a gorgeous wedding dress! A corset bodice serves as a beautiful counterpoint to the flared, billowing skirt of an A-line, with its structured style. A gown like Fiorella is a beautiful example. The whimsical wedding dress features a sheer bustier-style bodice on an effortless A-line skirt. Frosted floral appliqués with a three-dimensional effect help to emphasize the stunning shape of the corset on the romantic dress. For a more subtle style of corset, try Filomena. Featuring more of a Victorian “V” corset, this shape creates the illusion of a narrow v-shaped waist. We love the long linear boning, lengthening the torso, paired with the flowing A-line skirt, this corset wedding dress was meant for a fairytale.

Vintage Corset Wedding Dress

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Corsets are a significant part of historical fashion, so it’s no surprise that we’d find them in a vintage wedding dress. Depending on the era you’re pulling inspiration from, there are different variations of the corset wedding dress. The Elizabethan era saw a corset that featured a square neckline with thick supportive straps. Designed to dramatically elevate the bust, for some major cleavage, the style is perfect for a ball gown silhouette as it was meant to create a cone-shaped waist paired with padded-out hips. The Victorian corset had a sweetheart neckline and was designed to achieve the classic hourglass figure. The bottom of the corset would often be designed with a basque waistline but was considered less comfortable than the Elizabethan style, as it squeezes the ribs. Our choice for a vintage corset wedding dress is Geraldine, an elegant gown with couture details. The long sleeve bodice is adorned in frosted Venice lace appliqués with a waspie corset. This style of corset starts just under the ribs and extends to the top of the hips, creating a narrow waist, and was first introduced by designer Christian Dior. The beautiful sparkle tulle skirt is finished with a lovely chapel-length train.

Corset Wedding Dress with Straps

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Though corsets are designed to be totally fitted to the body, offering both support and structure, many brides might want the extra support that straps give to a wedding dress. You can still achieve all the couture style in a corset wedding dress with straps. Dainty straps will give you a more feminine look, while our bustier brides might want a thicker strap to help achieve a lift and hold. Fantine offers traditional bridal beauty in a slim A-line silhouette. The sheer bustier bodice has exposed boning, for a couture look and structured shape, and beautiful pearl and crystal beaded frosted lace. Delicate straps with matching appliqués add to the feminine charm of this lovely corset wedding dress. Flavia is a stunning classic meets contemporary corset wedding dress with an Elizabethan-style corset bodice. The chic square neckline and linear boning give you a lift at the bust, designed to accentuate your cleavage, with a basque waist meant to draw the eye in for a narrow shape. Thick straps offer extra support, and in pleated petal satin, this corset wedding dress is perfect for the modern minimalist princess.

Long Sleeve Corset Wedding Dress

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Brides love a long sleeve wedding dress! There’s something that feels so classic and elegant about a gown with long sleeves. If you’re looking to up the level of style and sophistication that a long sleeve wedding dress gives you, try going for one with a corset bodice. The rigid boning will enhance the design of the gown while offering a sexy edge to this traditional look. Dauphine is a stunning long sleeve corset wedding dress featuring a sheer bustier bodice with exposed boning and cups, enhancing the sultry style of this romantic dress. Sparkle organza fabric draws the eye to the couture construction and with detachable illusion long sleeves, you get two looks in one! If you’re looking for more of a fantasy dress, our choice is Farrah! The long sleeve corset wedding dress is delicate and dreamy with ivy-inspired lace climbing up the lined corset bodice with a delicate illusion neckline and long sleeves.

Black Corset Wedding Dress

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A bold bride needs a gown to match, and nothing says bold like a black wedding dress! This statement color is powerful and mysterious, and when paired with a corset bodice it feels edgy and cool. If you’re looking for a black corset wedding dress, then meet our sister dresses Galadriel and Georgina! Galadriel is an elegant A-line with a dark twist. The nude Chantilly lace underlay helps to make the black tulle and beaded lace appliqués pop and we love the corset bodice that hits right at the natural waistline to cinch you in. For something that feels sexier, Georgina is it. The black wedding dress features a drop waist to elongate the torso with an exaggerated sweetheart, corset bodice that helps to lift and separate the breasts. The mermaid matches the other dress with a nude lace underlay, sparkle tulle, and blingy beaded appliqués.

Lace Corset Wedding Dress

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Lace is a classic choice for a wedding dress. If you’re looking to elevate the style try a lace corset wedding dress! The couture stylings of a corset paired with the timeless choice of lace fabric create a delicate yet modern design for your wedding dress. Dimitra is the perfect example of this contemporary romantic look! The allover Chantilly lace mermaid hugs the body with lovely frosted embroidered appliqués. The sheer corset bodice has v-shaped boning in the front to draw the eye inward and create a narrow waist, while the subtle scoop neckline softens the effect. For a corset lace wedding dress that feels more modern, try Genevieve with artfully placed embroidered lace appliqués and geometric lace trim to create elegant shapes and elongate the body. The flirty fit and flare has an unlined corset bodice that falls right at the natural waistline with subtle basque detail to create a slim waist.

Mermaid Corset Wedding Dress

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The mermaid wedding dress is a sultry silhouette, hugging the body usually till about the knee before flaring out into a skirt. If you’re looking for a little extra va-va-voom, adding a corset bodice will amp up the seductive style. The shaping nature of a corset will help enhance the curves a mermaid silhouette is meant to show off. If you’re looking for your perfect mermaid corset wedding dress try Danica a glamorous mermaid wedding dress in glittering sparkle net. Crystal beaded embroidered appliqués enhance the fitted silhouette and the stunning bustier bodice features a romantic sweetheart neckline and chic exposed boning. For a look that feels a bit more feminine, there’s Cecily a dreamy mermaid with gorgeous floral embroidered net fabric. The corset bodice feels more delicate, with shapely boning drawing the eye downward to elongate the body.

Bohemian Corset Wedding Dress

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Both free-spirited and free-flowing, bohemian wedding dresses are a popular choice. From delicate floral details to the effortless feel, brides can’t get enough of that boho vibe. But if you’re looking to add an edge to the soft nature of a bohemian wedding dress, a corset bodice will do the trick! Shapely and chic, a bohemian corset wedding dress is the best of both worlds for brides who want that free-spirited feel with the support and structure a corset has to offer. Take Florina a feminine and delicate bohemian corset wedding dress. The billowing A-line features a delicately boned sheer corset bodice accented by beautiful botanical-inspired embroidered lace that cascades down the dress. The flounce detail at the bottom of the skirt adds an extra boho feel. Another option is Chloe, a dreamy boho wedding dress with a totally unique corset bodice. The A-line dress delicately drapes off the body with a sheer bustier bodice and double center boning detail. Crystal beaded, three-dimensional floral embroidery adds a beautifully bohemian touch to the gown.

Lace-Up Corset Wedding Dress

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The lace-up corset wedding dress is a popular style when it comes to corset bodices. Besides the beautiful design that offers visual interest to the back of your gown, a lace-up corset back allows for adjustability to make sure your wedding dress fits you perfectly! A lace-up corset wedding dress can vary in the styles of laces, whether it has a panel lining or exposed skin, and the distance of the grommets, creating a wider or more narrow lacing detail. Floretta is a beautiful example of a lace-up corset wedding dress. The fairytale gown features an effortless tulle skirt and romantic Chantilly lace corset bodice with a straight off-the-shoulder neckline, crystal beaded embroidered lace, and intricate lace-up back. For a dress that is both modern and romantic, meet Delfina! This corset wedding dress takes risks with the classic ball gown silhouette. The sweetheart bodice has illusion panels with a delicate lace-up detail that perfectly matches the lovely lace-up corset back. For a lace-up corset wedding dress that is truly sexy, there’s Drita. The sleek soft satin skirt is artfully draped creating a sultry slit, but the real showstopper is the sheer, structured corset bodice with crystal beaded embroidered lace and a wide lace-up corset back.

Corset Wedding Dress FAQs

Should I Get a Corset Wedding Dress?

Brides might be wondering “should I get a corset on my wedding dress?” There are many benefits to wearing a corset wedding dress, firstly the support. The rigid, yet flexible boning offers structure and shape that is second to none. A corset bodice will make sure you feel totally secure in your wedding dress. Another plus is style. Having a corset on your gown feels couture and this trendy design will have you looking cool and contemporary on your big day.

Are Corset Wedding Dresses Comfortable?

You might be wondering, even with these benefits is a corset wedding dress comfortable? The answer is yes. The design of corsetry has evolved from the cinched yet suffocating corsets of the past. Today, corsets are worn not only as a shaping tool, but as a fashion statement, and with a lace-up corset back you have the ability to wear it as tight or loose as you see fit.

Is a Corset Wedding Dress Slimming?

While a corset wedding dress is not a miracle garment that completely changes your figure, it can offer you a slimming effect—cinching you in and smoothing out your silhouette—giving the illusion of a more hourglass shape. Corsetry is a historic form of shapewear and when constructed correctly, you shouldn’t need to wear anything underneath. The boning will keep the structure intact, and the placement of it will do the work of shapewear pushing and cinching to give you your desired silhouette, while staying comfortable, making this the perfect choice for brides of all shapes and sizes!

Can I Add a Corset to My Wedding Dress?

If you’ve fallen in love with a gown, but find the only thing missing is a corset bodice, no need to worry. Corsets can be added to almost any wedding dress, even one’s with a zipper back. We recommend working with an experienced seamstress to customize your gown and make it perfect for you! It helps to know what type of corset you’re looking to add. Do you want a bustier style? A Victorian-inspired corset? Or just a lace-up back? Knowing this will help your seamstress customize your wedding dress exactly as you want it!

What Is a Hidden Corset Wedding Dress?

A hidden corset wedding dress is where a corset is sewn into the gown covered y fabric containing a zipper or buttons so that the laces are not seen. This is a great option if you want the shaping abilities of a corset without the lace-up look of the back. For brides who want the look of a corset without the fuss, try a hidden zipper! These dresses will have a hidden zipper panel, allowing women to slip in and out without re-lacing the entire dress back.

If you’re looking to find your perfect corset wedding dress visit one of our amazing retailers!

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